Flict provides a flexible staff training service which enables the effective, independent use of Information and Communications Technology by teachers and staff within schools.

Each Flict course is highly-personalised and tailored to suit the requirements of the school, addressing the needs of teachers at all levels of confidence.

Further expertise lies in Flict’s support for Primary School teachers in delivering the ICT Curriculum, as well as empowering and emboldening educators in the independent use of ICT as a tool of learning.

Key to Flict’s philosophy is that ICT should support teachers by promoting teaching and learning, and integrating with pre-existing systems.

Courses enable teachers to:

  • Build confidence with new systems
  • Enable more confident users of ICT to extend their knowledge and application in different programmes
  • Develop practical solutions for embedding ICT into existing planning
  • Deliver professional development in all areas of ICT
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